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Each class is recorded and sent out after. These classes will be available for 2 days. The idea is to immerse yourself in these 21 days. We understand that people are in different time zones with different schedules, so we allow the space for that by giving you access to each class for 2 days… however, we want to encourage everyone to keep to a regular daily practice, checking in at least once a day to your mat, writing on the themes in your journal, taking 1 min. three times a day to center and focus on peace and other tools you might learn along the way. 

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The challenge… creating space every day for 21 days to focus on peace and what that looks like in your life. 


The goal… take this practice and use it to continue spreading love and peace throughout your life. Thus becoming a Warrior for Peace. Moving into action 




21 Days of Cultivating Peace.



  • May 21 Saturday (Shā): the science and anatomy of Peace.

  • May 22 Sunday (DJ) Tapas (creating self-discipline).


  • May 23 Monday (Shā): acceptance.


  • May 24 Tuesday (DJ) The Power of Patience.


  • May 25 Wednesday (DJ) Be patient with yourself.

  • May 26 Thursday (Shā): laughter is peace.

  • May 27 Friday (DJ) Control your breath, control your life.

  • May 28 Saturday (DJ) The moment is now… learning to be in the moment. 

  • May 29 Sunday (DJ) Ahimsa… living a violent free life.

  • May 30 Monday (Shā) transforming anger.

  • May 31 Tuesday (DJ) Sweating it out.

  • June 1 Wednesday (DJ) meditate it away.

  • June 2 Thursday (Shā) happiness or the 4 virtues / Bhavana. 

  • June 3 Friday (DJ) Feeling Joy.

  • June 4 Saturday (Shā) forgiveness part 1. 

  • June 5 Sunday (Shā) forgiveness part 2.

  • June 6 Monday (Shā) finding awareness. 

  • June 7 Tuesday (DJ) De-Stress-Ify yourself.

  • June 8 Wednesday (Shā) owning your strength.

  • June 9 Thursday (Shā): chakras shower of peace. 

  • June 10 Friday (Shā & DJ) Being a peace warrior (Moving into action).

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Payment Options:
Venmo: Karine-plantadit
Zelle: Karine plantadit

You can also book classes à la carte from our calendar ($15/class)

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