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The Conscious Comeback

Since Broadway shut down in 2020, casts have waited and worked to return to the stage. And like all of us returning to life as "normal" after so much time away, artists that create these performances need some TLC. The Conscious Comeback is a program that incorporates mindfulness, yoga, and connection to create HEALING, GROUNDING & EXPANSION for the performing industry post- COVID-19.

The Objectives

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About Karine

A professional dancer, choreographer, director, actor, and entrepreneur —Karine is  also a certified yoga teacher and life coach. With 20+ years of experience in the Broadway community as a performer, she knows the demands of this level of performance. She created the Conscious Comeback Program to meet the needs of the community in this unique time and use her connection with yoga, meditation, and healing practices to help artists enhance their performance and reach their highest potential in their long-awaited return to the stage. 


Rave Reviews

"The pandemic caused me a ton of emotional and mental stress. I always was scatter brain. I never though meditation was for me however I found myself looking forward to Karine’s healing sessions. I feel like I'm able to feel again instead of suppressing my emotions. My days are more open. Thanks to knowledge I have gained through this healing program"

~ Tyler Belo (Principal in Hamilton)

success stories


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