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The Artists' Sanctuary


The Artist' Sanctuary is a yoga practice I developed geared specifically towards the needs of Broadway and other performing artists.

Having performed on Broadway for many years, I personally understand the demands and the toll that 8 shows a week can have on one's body, mind and soul. 

As a young artist, I didn't really know how to take care of myself, how to get the most from the precision machine that I had created over years of hard work. It wasn't until after I suffered a debilitating hip injury that I learned the benefits of adequate rest, recovery, diet and YOGA. 


These elements have been the key to my extended career. So, it is now my mission to share all that I have learned with the performers of today to help them extend their longevity.


Now, while I am focusing specifically on artists,

The Artists' Sanctuary is open to, and beneficial for, ANYONE needing a bit of extra care for their body, mind and soul.  


As a norm, I present The Artists' Sanctuary every first and third Mondays of the month, when Broadway is "dark". However, in the current state of our world, it is vitally important that we take extra care of ourselves.


Therefore, I will be doing additional VIRTUAL presentations of The Artists' Sanctuary.



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