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Is a unique discipline of yoga that draws directly from the professional and spiritual experiences of its developers, Karine and Mochi. KYOGA combines elements from a variety of traditional yoga practices with complimentary elements from the ladies' dance backgrounds.

The foundation of the discipline are the solid tenets of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (FREEDOM), YYYYYYYYYYYYY (PEACE), ZZZZZZZZZ (COMMPASSION), AAAAAAAAAAA (DIALOGUE), BBBBBBBBBBB (CONNECTEDNESS) and CCCCCCCC (SELF)However, While its foundation is quite sturdy, the practice itself is to some degree fluid. This enables Karine and Mochi to stay in each moment and utilize their highly developed intuitions to adjust each session according to the needs of those present. The results are extraordinarily unique experiences each time one or both are joined on the mat.  Together, they are continuously thriving to help “heal the healers”.

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