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Presented by Karine Plantadit,
Founder of The Conscious Come Back & The Conscious You.

Hi, I'm Karine and recently prefers you call me SHĀ. Most of you know me from my performing career which I adore however I'm here as a healer and a certified coach and yogi. My first love is to advance Peace and it is in the fabric of my life to continue to add Joy, Peace and Harmony in all lives to counter act and even win over the 'CRAZY' OUT THERE but also IN HERE.

My biggest joy is TRANSFORMATION and see us living fulfilled magical lives within and also how we can impacts the world positively. I get a high in studying neuro science, ancient yogic and Mahayanan texts and I'm fascinating by our body and how it functions. My healing is a compilation of all these studies wrapped in my love for humanity and the well being of the planet. See you on your mat rain or shine!

In this workshop we will cover