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Presented by Karine Plantadit,
Founder of The Conscious Come Back & The Conscious You.

Hi, I'm Karine and recently prefers you call me SHĀ. Most of you know me from my performing career which I adore however I'm here as a healer and a certified coach and yogi. My first love is to advance Peace and it is in the fabric of my life to continue to add Joy, Peace and Harmony in all lives to counter act and even win over the 'CRAZY' OUT THERE but also IN HERE.

My biggest joy is TRANSFORMATION and see us living fulfilled magical lives within and also how we can impacts the world positively. I get a high in studying neuro science, ancient yogic and Mahayanan texts and I'm fascinating by our body and how it functions. My healing is a compilation of all these studies wrapped in my love for humanity and the well being of the planet. See you on your mat rain or shine!

In this workshop we will cover

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


A virtual group gathering movement that restores the health of mind, body and soul of each participant while rebuilding our community.
I am implementing a course of action allowing each person to stay tuned and reconnect to self and a community.
  THE SOULCARE addresses the well-being of our true self and our reunification with our deeper identity.

              THE SACRED HEALING  that participants will receive integrates the world of coaching, science, ancient healing through yoga, meditation, breath work and ancient wisdom from Mahayana Buddhism. This offers well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We are using the synergy of the group to not only create a sense of belonging but also invite innovation, collaboration and inspiration.



Based on my coaching training, the use of eastern healing practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, my continuous learning of Mayahanan Buddhist concepts and my deep interest in neuroscience, these live sessions are uniquely crafted. Merging the head, body and soul, we are preparing to end the year with mindfulness  and start 2023 in consciousness and choice.

Inspired by THE PERSONAL FOUNDATION Program founded by COACH UNIVERSITY, we will merge easter and western wisdom to root and grow.

THE PERSONAL FOUNDATION is a 10 distinct stepping stones curriculum which linked together provide a solid yet personalized base on which to build one's life and a way to naturally attract  the thing one wants.



There will be 2 live recorded virtual sessions per month, 1 hour each on zoom. Each participant will receive 1 yoga Nidra and one guided meditation per session.​ 



The mission is to fortify your personal foundation wherever you are in the world and address whatever shows up in a timely manner and with solutions. It is meant to serve the individual and the collective.



These 1-hour sessions would invite harmony and cultivate freedom and creativity while offering a safe space for healing and tuning in as an individual and in a community.



Each session requires a mat, comfy clothes, pillows or blocks and if possible a quiet space. A biweekly topic chosen from the Personal Foundation Coach U Program will be the base, breath work aligned with the topic, a moving practice to embody the concept and a guided conversation to finalize our experience individually and also collectively.


Create a brave and safe space each person can lay in and be recharged by tapping into their own wisdom and enriched beingness. To practice: relearning to trust and respect ALL that we are. (No longer from old skewed perspectives often seeded in our younger years as the brain was being formed). REGAINING our true power around our health mentally,  emotionally, psychologically and physically.

  • Creating a space where new healthier habits are being innovated and practiced

  • Adding value to each person’s life through the sharing of:

              * New information relating to wellbeing (science latest findings, anatomy and nutrition awareness, book and                           essay sharing, poetry reading, beauty sharing and more)

                * Coaching tools to use to face challenges and overcome them

  • Challenge the isolation status quo by rebuilding a sense of community

  • Grow within the community to support the health of all

  • Building courage, self-confidence, boldness and compassion

  • regaining an indestructible sense of self-worth

  • Make our human bonds vibrant of imaginative empathy and heart-full connections

  • Transform the tendency to low depressive vibrancy into the highest life state. CULTIVATE JOY, CONNECTIVITY AND HARMONY BY BEING MORE CONSCIOUS.


  • Invitation for each person to embody the concept of well-being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • AWARENESS through breath work, yoga, sharing, journaling, and asking difficult questions

  • Holding the space for goodness to grow and evolve

  • The sessions will always be based on deep respect and acceptance of each person joining. JUST THE WAY THEY ARE

  • The sessions will stretch you as a human and as an artist

  • Creation of an oasis where someone would finally get to drink peace, harmony, joy, and connectivity to their heart’s content. It is a place where you can lay your head, feel supported and heard while also listen to others deeply.



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