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KPVS offers a wide variety of activities, including yoga and dance classes, meditations, talks, masterclasses, guest teachers such as "What's Good, With Karine"; "Mid-Week Meditations, etc., and a whole slew of other SHENANIGANS. Monthly subscriptions add additional value to all of the great offerings through KPVS.

However with XXXXXXXXXX, and provide additional savings of, at least, XX%. 

So, get yours' today.

They also make great gifts for all occasions. And with the holidays just ahead, NOW is the perfect time to purchase... 

Now, while I am focusing specifically on artists, The Artists' Sanctuary is open to, and beneficial for, ANYONE needing a bit of extra care for their body, mind and soul.  


As a norm, I present The Artists' Sanctuary every first and third Mondays of the month, when Broadway is "dark". However, in the current state of our world, it is vitally important that we take extra care of ourselves. Therefore, I will be doing additional VIRTUAL presentations of The Artists' Sanctuary.


Click below for the schedule and to register...

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