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KPVS, in collaboration with DJ, is offering an 8 week Healing Program focusing on the healing and activation of the 8 energy centers governing the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Every week we will explore in depth each chakra through guided meditation, tuning with voice and mantras, moving meditation, storytelling and exploration of specific asanas (posture) scientific inputs from renowned scientists and their latest findings on neuroplasticity ( health of your brain) and live music.


There will be no rock unturned. These sessions are created to re install the integrity and well functioning of your physical body, its organs and systems and the balance of your emotional and psychological body from the inside out.


Let go in, let’s go deep… let’s get well and heal fully. 

❣ ❣ ❣

We believe that grounding and rebuilding our foundations is vital at this time of our human species evolution

Overview of the healing program and classes :

  • the journey starts Feb 1 and ends March 31

    • Part 1: Feb 1 - Feb 27
      Chakras 1-3 (Grounded ~ Free ~ Trusting)​

    • Part 2: Feb 28 - Mar 27
      Chakras 4-7 (Loving ~ Sharing ~ Seeing ~ Oneness)

    • 8th Chakra activation: Mar 27 - 31st
      THE AURA CHAKRA (*offered with all bundle purchases)

  • One week per chakra (*chakra # 1 will be explored for 2 weeks)

  • each week has 7 daily sessions shared between Karine and DJ 

  • all 7 chakras will be honored, investigated on, breathed and realigned 

  • the 8 chakra is a special offering: From March 27-31: the Aura chakra will be offered as a bonus for whoever buys one of the bundle.

  • WEEKLY SCHEDULE (with potential to change- all times are ET)

- Monday

8-9 am: Slow Flow w/ Karine

- Tuesday

7-8 pm: Flow w/ DJ

- Wednesday

12:30-1 pm: Breath awareness & purification w/DJ

- Thursday 

8-9 am: Power Flow w/ Karine


7-7:30 pm: Mantra and Martini w/ DJ

_ Saturday 

11-12 pm: Yang Yin w/ Karine

- Sunday 

11-12 pm: Ancient circle sangha tradition ( storytelling, asana clinic, live music, dialogue and meditation) w/ DJ


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You can also book classes à la carte from our calendar ($15/class)

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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