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Soundtrack can be original music, or loop. Here is an example: About Zenmuse Studio User interface is not complicated, just like Youtube player. Just click button and then press “Add” to add loop. You can use Camera for taking videos, or record yourself voice over. When recording, you can change the speed of camera by a slider. There are also several videos to help you create loop. And you can also play videos or music with beat, to keep the beat sync between loop and other videos. Each loop is stored in a single clip, and each clip can be saved to your computer. You can organize the clips as you like. You can make as many videos as you want with one combination of video and loop. When making videos, you can have multiple layers to cut the video, and make video composition more beautiful. You can also trim the best part of video and then convert to video format, then add loop to the video. Or you can add effect to video as you like. And you can change the speed of video by pressing the button “speed”. If you want to make videos in a professional way, you can save the original video into a AVI video, or simply record your voice over it, then you can use Coub to make it into a loop. As for a loop maker, it is much easier than it seems. If you want to make videos, you can also try Loop Maker. It is a good video editing app.Well, I didn't get the spreadsheet from last week's meeting, but I'm going to start the process of establishing the project. In the last week, we have had the following projects: Eric won't be able to go to Houston; so, he is going to coordinate the meetings from his location in Buffalo. Chester will be in Houston on Friday, May 10. He will meet with Gerry Nicosia and the rest of the Houston team. He has also had a meeting with Enron legal. Gerry Nicosia and I have a meeting scheduled for May 13. We will discuss the various issues. After that meeting, I think the primary focus will be to determine if the contract (site/land agreement) is ready to go to GE. It should be finished




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Pppd 140 Karen 21

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