Kome join us over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, January 12-15,​ ​2018​, for a four (4) day, three (3) night adventure in beautiful Basse Terre, Guadeloupe and let us serve​ ​you​ ​a​ ​peace ​of​ ​life’s​ ​pie.​ ​How powerful​ ​and​ ​transformative​ ​this time​ ​will​ ​be​ as individuals and a collective. This​ ​is the perfect​ ​time​ ​to turn​ “​FREEDOM INTO ACTION”.​


The​ ​weekend​ ​will​ ​include​ ​daily​ ​guidance​ ​in​ ​yoga​ ​and​ ​meditation.​ In addition to living out your inner yogi, together,​ ​we​ ​will​ embark upon multiple organized “explorations”. We will take ​hikes, explore​ ​waterfalls and ​hot​ ​springs, and​ ​enjoy a large dose of ​rest​ ​&​ ​relaxation​ ​on Crystal Blue​ ​St.​ ​Anne​ ​beach. We will study the ancient philosophy of yoga and uncover the deeper messages behind your asana practices. It’s all about taking care of yourself and exploring BEING FREE as a pathway to a grander life.


While the island was mostly spared by recent hurricanes Irma and Maria, in some ways, it and its residents are still in a state of recovery. In the air, there is a tremendous sense of renewal, realignment and ​reignition. What a perfect​ ​place​ ​to​ ​share​ ​breath​ ​in support of the community while liberating those​ repressed ​ ​parts​ ​of​ ​ourselves​!  

MLK Weekend: Freedom Into Action Retreat