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Nail Your Audition


The Nail Your Auditions Seminar™ is a proprietary program I have developed, which leverages all of my experience as a professional dancer, theater and film actress and certified Life/Career Coach to present best practices for success. 

Auditioning is an Art form. And as any art form, we must take the necessary steps to learn how to become a successful “auditioner”. The audition is the pathway to the ideal artistic job. The more the dancer and actor prepares, the more likely he/she is to book the job and realize the endless possibilities of being employed.

This coaching practice helps dancers and ALL artists  master the "theory" of auditioning in order to master the 


practice of auditioning. The Nail Your Auditions Seminar™ is a unique, interactive workshop for novice and experienced professional dancers and actors that is designed to demystify the audition process and provide practical tools that will enable artists to garner more success in the highly competitive professional artistic arena.

In addition, the Nail Your Auditions Seminar™ may also be tailored as a lecture, theme workshop, or individual/group coaching aligning with the artists' needs.


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