My Journey Forward...


Today I stand solidly in my understanding of myself and my mission. I am inherently a spiritual guide, and my forward mission is to be a "healer of healers".


While not everyone is a doctor, therapist, philosopher, religious leader or other, we each are "healers" in our own rights. I have a particular affinity for those who, like myself, "heal" through their creative gifts and talents. 


Because I understand first hand how difficult it can be for artists to keep their healing lights shining sometimes during challenging times, I am dedicated to using all at my deposal to insure that this community of creative "healers" feel supported and facilitate their standing firmly in their own magnificent power.


I truly believe that by helping to heal these "healers" I can exponentially contribute to helping heal humanity as a whole. Subsequently, EVERYTHING that I now do, whether related to dance, acting or yoga, I do with the express spiritual purpose and intent of healing.


Join me as I journey forward and, together, let's get to repairing "Mother Earth" and her inhabitants.





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