Discovering My Practice


Ironically, my love of yoga evolved out of a dark time in my life.


In 2011, I was doing the show “Sinatra Dance With Me” in Las Vegas, which I previously also headlined under the new name “Come Fly Away” on Broadway. 


The physical demands of the show were immense, particularly considering I was just recovering from a serious hip injury and reparative surgery. Added to this, I was struggling a bit emotionally because my beloved feline companion of 14 years was dying from liver cancer. Needless to say, I was brought to "child pose".

Through yoga, I was able to regain and solidify my footing with the earth beneath me. I learned to initiate and regulate my breath as a means of better controlling my physical movement. I found strength being in one breath with everyone in the room, “many in body, one in mind”. I was able to again stand in integrity as I erected myself into "mountain pose". And the feeling of release I got from my sweat gracing the floor in a beautiful flow,…FREEDOM!  


I knew immediately that I wanted EVERYONE to feel and experience this transformative power just as I had. This is why I began to REALLY study and understand the practice of yoga.


My studies lead me on a path I never imagined, and today I am a seasoned yoga instructor certified in many different disciplines, including vinyasa, yin, Barron Baptist, the Modo Series. I have even developed/co-founded a new discipline we've named KAMOCHIMETHOD. So come and meet me on the mat. 

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